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Category: ui

ui.aview: array view with cursor and selection

ui.bang: A bang… that's all
aliases: [ui.b]

ui.button: button widget
aliases: [ui.btn]

ui.canvas: UI canvas for drawing
aliases: [ui.cnv]

ui.cmeter~: Multichannel circular peak and rms signal meter
aliases: [ui.cm~], [hoa.2d.meter~]

ui.colorpanel: colorchooser widget

ui.display: Display GUI object
aliases: [ui.d], [ui.dt]

ui.dsp~: GUI for turning DSP on/off

ui.env: envelope editor widget

ui.filter: UI filter object calculator for biquad filter

ui.filter~: UI filter object based on biquad filter

ui.gain2~: UI stereo gain control
aliases: [ui.hgain2~], [ui.vgain2~]

ui.gain~: UI gain control
aliases: [ui.hgain~], [ui.vgain~]

ui.icon: simple icon with button capabilities

ui.incdec: value increment/decrement

ui.keyboard: keyboard widget
aliases: [ui.hk], [ui.vkeyboard], [ui.vk]

ui.knob: knob widget
aliases: [ui.k]

ui.label: simple label widget

ui.lcd: black and white bitmap display

ui.link: Hyperlink widget

ui.matrix: The matrix of toggles has you.

ui.menu: Dropdown menu

ui.meter~: Shows peak and rms signal level
aliases: [ui.m~], [ui.hm~], [ui.vm~]

ui.midi: incoming MIDI message viewport

ui.mouse_filter: filter mouse events from ui objects
aliases: [ui.mf]

ui.mouse_route: routes mouse events from ui objects
aliases: [ui.mr]

ui.number: counterpart of the vanilla [nbx]
aliases: [ui.n]

ui.number~: counterpart of the vanilla [nbx] for signal
aliases: [ui.n~]

ui.plot~: signal plotter

ui.polar: 2D slider in polar coordinates

ui.preset: Preset manager

ui.radio: counterpart of the vanilla radio toggle
aliases: [ui.radio], [ui.hrd], [ui.hrd], [ui.vrd], [ui.vrd*]

ui.rslider: range slider
aliases: [ui.rsl]

ui.scope~: Scope GUI object

ui.slider: counterpart of the vanilla slider
aliases: [ui.hsl], [ui.vsl]

ui.slider2d: 2D slider widget
aliases: [ui.s2d]

ui.sliders: Multiple slider widget
aliases: [ui.vsliders]

ui.spectroscope~: Spectroscope GUI object
aliases: [ui.ssc~]

ui.tab: displays a list of text buttons or text toggles

ui.toggle: modern toggle widget
aliases: [ui.t]

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3