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Category: synth

noise.chua~: Chua's diode circuit

synth.bee3~: Hammond-oid organ FM synthesis instrument

synth.birds~: bird singing generator

synth.church_bell~: generic church bell modal model

synth.clap~: clap synth from faust libraries

synth.dubdub~: simple synth based on a sawtooth wave filtered by a resonant lowpass

synth.dx7~: FAUST dx7 implementation

synth.eguitar~: simple electric guitar model with steel strings

synth.english_bell~: english church bell modal model

synth.fgrain~: file granulator from STK

synth.french_bell~: french church bell modal model

synth.german_bell~: german church bell modal model

synth.glass_harm~: nonlinear banded waveguide modeled Glass Harmonica

synth.glitch~: Glitch synthesizer by naivesound

synth.harpsichord~: waveguide commuted harpsichord

synth.hat~: hi-hat synth from faust librariest

synth.kick2~: low-kick synth from faust librariest

synth.kick~: low-kick synth from Guitarix project

synth.ks~: Karplus-Strong string

synth.marimba~: simple marimba physical model implementing a single tone bar connected to tube

synth.metro~: ready to use metronome synth

synth.piano~: waveguide commuted piano

synth.rhodey~: STK Fender Rhodes electric piano FM synthesis instrument

synth.risset_arp~: Jean Claude Risset's harmonic arpeggio effect

synth.risset_bell~: Jean Claude Risset's bell synth

synth.risset_tone~: Jean Claude Risset's endless glissando

synth.russian_bell~: russian church bell modal model

synth.shakers~: various percussion sounds from STK library

synth.sitar~: STK sitar

synth.snare~: Snare drum synth from Guitarix project

synth.standard_bell~: german church bell modal model

synth.tube_bell~: STK tubular bell (orchestral chime) FM synthesis instrument

synth.voice_fofc~: Simple formant/vocal synthesizer with FOF-cycle filterbank.

synth.voice_fofs~: Simple formant/vocal synthesizer with FOF-smooth filterbank.

synth.wurley~: Wurlitzer electric piano FM synthesis instrument

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3