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Category: spat

hoa.2d.decoder~: hoa 2d decoder
aliases: [hoa.decoder~]

hoa.2d.encoder~: hoa 2d encoder
aliases: [hoa.encoder~]

hoa.2d.exchanger~: renumbers and normalizes the channels
aliases: [hoa.exchanger~]

hoa.2d.map~: a 2d ambisonic multisource spatializer
aliases: [hoa.map~]

hoa.2d.optim~: a 2D ambisonic optimization tool
aliases: [hoa.optim~]

hoa.2d.projector~: a plane waves decomposer from circular harmonics domain
aliases: [hoa.projector~]

hoa.2d.recomposer~: recomposes a 2d plane wave decomposition into circular harmonics
aliases: [hoa.recomposer~]

hoa.2d.rotate~: a 2D ambisonic sound field rotation
aliases: [hoa.rotate~]

hoa.2d.space: planewaves amp control
aliases: [hoa.space]

hoa.2d.wider~: a 2d fractional ambisonic order simulator
aliases: [hoa.wider~]

hoa.3d.decoder~: hoa 3d decoder

hoa.3d.encoder~: hoa 3d encoder

hoa.3d.exchanger~: renumbers and normalizes the channels

hoa.3d.map~: a 3d ambisonic multisource spatializer

hoa.3d.meter~: multi spherical meter with sound field descriptor

hoa.3d.optim~: a 3D ambisonic optimization tool

hoa.3d.scope~: a 3d ambisonic harmonic scope

hoa.3d.wider~: a 3d fractional ambisonic order simulator

hoa.@process: process properties manager for hoa.process~

hoa.in: message inlet for a patcher loaded by hoa.process~

hoa.in~: signal inlet for a patcher loaded by hoa.process~

hoa.map.ui: a GUI to spatialize sources on a map

hoa.out: message outlet for a patcher loaded by hoa.process~

hoa.out~: signal inlet for a patcher loaded by hoa.process~

hoa.process~: patcher loader for multichannel processing
aliases: [hoa.2d.process~], [hoa.3d.process~]

hoa.scope~: a 2d ambisonic harmonic scope
aliases: [hoa.2d.scope~]

pan.cos~: two channel equal power sine/cosine panner

pan.linsig~: two channel linear panner with signal control

pan.lin~: two channel linear panner
aliases: [ceammc/pan~], [pan~]

pan.spread~: spreads input channels across the stereo field

pan.sqrt~: two channel equal power square root panner

spat.pan4~: GMEM SPAT: 4-outputs spatializer
aliases: [ceammc/pan4~], [pan4~]

spat.pan8~: GMEM SPAT: 8-outputs spatializer
aliases: [ceammc/pan8~], [pan8~]

spat.zita6x8~: spat with 6 inputs sources to 8 channel output

spat.zita8~: 8 channel reverb spatializer

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3