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Category: noise

noise.baker: Part of a-chaos library

noise.clifford: clifford attractor

noise.collatz: collatz conjecture output

noise.colored~: colored noise generator with an arbitrary spectral roll

noise.crackle~: sparse noise generator

noise.duffing: duffing attractor

noise.ginger: Gingerbreadman map chaotic generator

noise.henon: henon attractor

noise.henon_heilles: Hénon–Heiles_system

noise.henon_phase: henon phase Ddagrams

noise.henonf: Henon phase

noise.ikeda: Ikeda attractor

noise.lfreq0~: sampled/held noise (piecewise constant)

noise.lfreq~: noise.lfreq0~ smoothed with no overshoot

noise.lorenz: Lorenz chaos

noise.lyapunov: lyapunov random attractor

noise.navier_stokes: navier-stokes diff equations

noise.pink~: Pink noise generator

noise.rossler: Rössler attractor

noise.stein: Stein distribution

noise.torus: torus attractor

noise.verhulst: verhulst distribution

noise.white~: White noise generator

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3