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Category: math

math.abs: absolute value function

math.abs~: absolute value function for signals

math.acos: arc cosine function

math.acosh: inverse hyperbolic cosine function

math.acosh~: hyperbolic arc cosine for signals

math.acos~: arc cosine function for signals

math.and: operation AND for multiple arguments
aliases: [ceammc/and], [and]

math.approx: check if input value approximately equal to pattern
aliases: [ceammc/approx], [approx]

math.asin: arc sine function

math.asinh: inverse hyperbolic sine function

math.asinh~: hyperbolic arc sine for signals

math.asin~: arc sine for signals

math.atan: arc tangent function

math.atanh: inverse hyperbolic tangent function

math.atanh~: hyperbolic arc tangent for signals

math.atan~: arc tangent for signals

math.binomial: binomial coefficient calculator
aliases: [math.nck]

math.cabs~: magnitude of a complex signals
aliases: [ceammc/cabs~], [cabs~]

math.carg~: phase angle of a complex signals
aliases: [ceammc/carg~], [carg~]

math.cbrt: cube root function

math.cbrt~: cube root function for signals

math.cdiv~: division of complex signals
aliases: [ceammc/cdiv~], [cdiv~]

math.ceil: round to smallest integral value not less than input value

math.ceil~: round to smallest integral value not less than input value

math.cexp~: exponent of a complex signals
aliases: [ceammc/cexp~], [cexp~]

math.cmul~: multiplication of complex signals
aliases: [ceammc/cmul~], [cmul~]

math.cos: cosine function

math.cosh: hyperbolic cosine function

math.cosh~: hyperbolic cosine for signals

math.cos~: cosine function

math.div: division (on lists too)
aliases: [math./]

math.e: mathematical constant, base of the natural logarithm

math.erf: error function

math.erf~: error function for signals

math.exp: exponential functions

math.exp2: exponential functions

math.exp2~: base-2 exponential for signal

math.expr: dynamic [expr]

math.exp~: base-e exponential for signal

math.floor: round to largest integral value not greater than x

math.floor~: round to largest integral value not greater than x

math.gamma: gamma function

math.gamma~: gamma function for floating point signals

math.gcd: calculate greatest common divisor

math.inf: infinity value that cannot be represented accurately

math.inf~: inifinity signal generator

math.lcm: calculate least common multiple

math.lgamma: natural logarithm of the absolute value of the gamma function

math.lgamma~: natural logarithm of the absolute value of the gamma function for signals

math.log: natural logarithm

math.log10: logarithm functions

math.log10~: natural logarithm

math.log2: logarithm functions

math.log2~: base-2 logarithm

math.log~: natural logarithm

math.mul: multiplication (on lists too)
aliases: [math.*]

math.nan: Not a Number, unrepresentable value

math.nan~: signal NaN

math.neg: negate function
aliases: [ceammc/-x], [-x]

math.or: operation OR for multiple arguments
aliases: [ceammc/or], [or]

math.pi: mathematical constant
aliases: [ceammc/pi], [pi]

math.pi~: mathematical constant
aliases: [ceammc/pi~], [pi~]

math.polyeval: evaluates the polynomial described by the coefficients list

math.reciprocal: calculate reciprocal number
aliases: [ceammc/1/x], [1/x]

math.reciprocal~: calculate reciprocal number for signals
aliases: [ceammc/1/x~], [1/x~]

math.round: round to integral value, regardless of rounding direction
aliases: [round], [ceammc/round]

math.round~: signal round
aliases: [round~], [ceammc/round~]

math.sign: sign function

math.sin: sine function

math.sinh: hyperbolic sine function

math.sinh~: hyperbolic sine for signals

math.sin~: sine function

math.sqrt: square root function

math.sqrt~: square root for signal

math.squared: value square
aliases: [math.^2], [ceammc/^2], [^2]

math.squared~: signal value square
aliases: [math.^2~], [ceammc/^2~], [^2~]

math.sync_add: sync addition
aliases: [math.+'], [ceammc/+'], [+']

math.sync_and: sync logical AND operation
aliases: [math.&&'], [ceammc/&&'], [&&']

math.sync_div: sync division
aliases: [math./'], [ceammc//'], [/']

math.sync_eq: sync equal numbers check
aliases: [math.=='], [ceammc/=='], [==']

math.sync_ge: sync greater equal numbers compare
aliases: [math.>='], [ceammc/>='], [>=']

math.sync_gt: sync greater then numbers compare
aliases: [math.>'], [ceammc/>'], [>']

math.sync_le: sync less equal numbers compare
aliases: [math.<='], [ceammc/<='], [<=']

math.sync_lshift: sync signed bit left shift
aliases: [math.<<'], [ceammc/<<'], [<<']

math.sync_lt: sync less then numbers compare
aliases: [math.<'], [ceammc/<'], [<']

math.sync_mod: sync remainder of modulo division (float or integer)
aliases: [math.%'], [ceammc/%'], [%']

math.sync_mul: sync multiplication
aliases: [math.'], [ceammc/'], [*']

math.sync_ne: sync numbers for not equality
aliases: [math.!='], [ceammc/!='], [!=']

math.sync_or: sync logical OR operation
aliases: [math.||'], [ceammc/||'], [||']

math.sync_rshift: sync signed bit right shift
aliases: [math.>>'], [ceammc/>>'], [>>']

math.sync_sub: sync subtraction
aliases: [math.-'], [ceammc/-'], [-']

math.sync_xor: sync logical XOR operation
aliases: [math.^'], [ceammc/^'], [^']

math.tan: tangent function

math.tanh: hyperbolic tangent function

math.tanh~: hyperbolic tangent for signals

math.tan~: tangent function

math.trunc: truncate to integer value

math.trunc~: truncate to integer value

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3