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Category: fx

fx.bitdown~: bit downer and downsampler effect

fx.chorus~: Chorus effect

fx.dattorro~: dattorro reverb

fx.delay~: smooth delay with a feedback control
aliases: [fx.sdelay~]

fx.distortion1~: distortion #1 from Guitarix effects set

fx.distortion2~: distortion #2 from Guitarix effects set

fx.distortion3~: simple distortion #3 from Guitarix effects set

fx.distortion~: cubic nonlinearity distortion

fx.drive~: Guitarix drive effect

fx.drone_box~: mono sympathetic resonance generator

fx.echo2~: stereo echo effect

fx.echo~: enhanced echo effect
aliases: [fx.secho~]

fx.flanger~: mono flanging effect

fx.freeverb2~: freeverb2 - stereo version of freeverb

fx.freeverb~: freeverb - common used open-source reverb

fx.freqshift~: frequency shifter or single-sideband ring modulation

fx.granulator~: simple input stream granulator

fx.greyhole~: A complex echo-like effect

fx.infrev~: port of Infinity VST plugin from airwindows

fx.jcrev~: Schroeder quad reverberator from 1972

fx.looper~: One track looper

fx.overdrive~: overdrive effect

fx.pitchshift_s~: signal version of fx.pitchshift~

fx.pitchshift~: simple pitch shifter based on 2 delay lines

fx.rb_pitchshift~: rubber band pitchshift

fx.recho~: reversed echo effect

fx.ringmod~: ring modulator effect

fx.room~: Gardners room emulation algorithms

fx.satrev~: Schroeder reverberator from 1971

fx.scramble~: scramble delayed sound fragments

fx.shimmer~: shimmer reverb effect effect

fx.stutter~: stutter effect

fx.tapiir~: multi-tap delay

fx.tremolo~: tremolo effect from guitarix project

fx.vocoder~: very simple vocoder where the spectrum of the modulation signal is analyzed using a 32-band filter bank

fx.wahwah~: digitized CryBaby wah pedal

fx.zita_rev1~: Zita stereo reverb

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3