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Category: flow

expand_env: Substitute environment variables in data stream
aliases: [ceammc/expand_env]

flow.append: append message to flow stream

flow.change: rejects redundant input values

flow.count: control flow event counter

flow.delay: enhanced version on vanilla delay object
aliases: [flow.del]

flow.demultiplex: control flow demultiplexer
aliases: [flow.demux]

flow.demultiplex2~: audio stream stereo demultiplexer
aliases: [flow.demux2~], [ceammc/demux2~], [demux2~]

flow.demultiplex~: audio stream demultiplexer
aliases: [flow.demux~], [ceammc/demux~], [demux~]

flow.dollar: data flow dollar converter
aliases: [flow.$$]

flow.dup: message duplicator

flow.float: pass floats
aliases: [flow.f]

flow.gate: control flow gate. [spigot] analog
aliases: [ceammc/gate], [gate]

flow.greater: numeric stream router
aliases: [flow.>]

flow.greater_eq: numeric stream router
aliases: [flow.>=]

flow.group: group input atoms in list of specified size
aliases: [ceammc/group], [group]

flow.interval: measure time between flow events

flow.less: numeric stream router, like many [moses]
aliases: [flow.<]

flow.less_eq: numeric stream router, like many [moses]
aliases: [flow.<=]

flow.list2many: routes list element with message selectors
aliases: [ceammc/list->many], [list->many]

flow.match: route data flow by regexp match

flow.mem: store data flow in memory

flow.multiplex: control flow multiplexer
aliases: [flow.mux]

flow.multiplex2~: audio stream stereo multiplexer
aliases: [flow.mux2~], [ceammc/mux2~], [mux2~]

flow.multiplex~: audio stream multiplexer
aliases: [flow.mux~], [ceammc/mux~], [mux~]

flow.once: one message pass thru
aliases: [ceammc/once], [once]

flow.pack: flow pack

flow.pass: pass specified values
aliases: [ceammc/pass], [pass]

flow.pass_if: pass values that accepted by predicate object
aliases: [ceammc/pass_if], [pass_if]

flow.pipe: enhanced version on vanilla pipe object

flow.prepend: prepend message before received one

flow.queue: multi-channel control flow sync queue (or FIFO)

flow.record: flow stream recorder/player
aliases: [flow.rec]

flow.reject: reject specified values
aliases: [ceammc/reject], [reject], [flow.!]

flow.reject_if: reject values by predicate
aliases: [ceammc/reject_if], [reject_if]

flow.ring: dataflow ring buffer
aliases: [flow.>>]

flow.route: advanced message router

flow.select: vanilla flow on steroids
aliases: [flow.sel]

flow.seqdelay: sequential delay/router for input flow
aliases: [flow.seqdel]

flow.space: space in time messages received at the same logical time

flow.speedlim: control stream speed limiter
aliases: [ceammc/speedlim], [speedlim]

flow.split: split data flow by external side-chain predicate
aliases: [ceammc/split], [split]

flow.stack: any message stack

flow.sync: bus with only hot inlets
aliases: [flow.']

flow.sync_pack: flow pack with all hot inlets
aliases: [flow.pack']

flow.tee~: separate audio and control streams
aliases: [ceammc/tee~], [tee~], [ceammc/~->], [~->]

replace: Replace atoms in data stream
aliases: [ceammc/replace]

route.any: separate any messages from bangs, floats, symbols and lists

route.bang: separate bang messages from other types
aliases: [route.b]

route.cycle: cyclic message router

route.float: separate float messages from other types
aliases: [route.f]

route.list: separate list messages from other types
aliases: [route.l]

route.prop: separate property messages from other types

route.random: routes input flow to random outlet
aliases: [route.r]

route.symbol: separate symbol messages from other types
aliases: [route.s]

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3