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Category: env

env.adsr~: ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) envelope generator

env.ar~: Attack/Release envelope generator

env.asr2~: stereo Attack/Sustain/Release envelope generator

env.asr~: Attack/Sustain/Release envelope generator

env.concat: Envelope concatenation

env.follow~: Envelope follower with independent attack and release times

env.mix: Mix between two envelopes. Envelopes should contain equal number of segments

env.smooth~: An envelope with an exponential attack and release

env.tscale: Envelope time-scale

env.tshift: Envelope time-shift (horizontal)

env.vscale: Envelope value-scale

env2array: Renders envelope to specified array
aliases: [ceammc/env2array], [ceammc/env->array], [env->array]

env2vline: Converts envelope to bunch of vline messages
aliases: [ceammc/env2vline], [ceammc/env->vline], [env->vline]

envelope: Envelope data type
aliases: [ceammc/envelope], [ceammc/env], [env]

vline2env: Converts vline messages to env
aliases: [ceammc/vline2env], [ceammc/vline->env], [vline->env]

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3