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Category: data

color.mix: color mixer

color.scale: create color scales

data.bimap: bidirectional map container
aliases: [ceammc/bimap], [bimap]

data.color: Color datatype
aliases: [color], [ceammc/color]

data.copy: make copy for any data types: MList, Set etc…

data.dict: dictionary container: store values by key
aliases: [ceammc/dict], [dict]

data.fifo: First-In-First-Out (FIFO) queue data container

data.float: robust float object
aliases: [.float], [.f]

data.int: robust int object
aliases: [.int], [.i]

data.list: list container

data.mlist: multidimensional list container
aliases: [ceammc/mlist], [mlist], [ceammc/ml], [ml]

data.set: container that store unique elements

data.set2list: converts set to list
aliases: [ceammc/set->list], [set->list]

dict.contains: predicate to check if dict contains a keys

dict.each: map each value in dict

dict.from_list: creates dictionary from list
aliases: [ceammc/list->dict], [list->dict]

dict.get: output dict values

dict.keys: get list of dict keys

dict.pass: passes specified keys in dict

dict.reject: rejects specified keys from dict

dict.size: dictionary size

dict.to_list: converts dictionary to plain list
aliases: [ceammc/dict->list], [dict->list]

dict.values: dictionary values as mlist

global.bimap: Global visibility bidirectional map container

local.bimap: local to patch bidirectional map container

mlist.flatten: flatten nested mlist

rtree.to_list: convert OpenMusic-like rhythm tree to list of fractions
aliases: [ceammc/rtree->list], [rtree->list]

set.contains: check if specified element is in set

set.diff: difference between two sets

set.equal: checks if two sets are equal (contains same elements)

set.intersect: output intersection of given sets

set.size: get number of elements in set

set.symdiff: symmetric difference between two sets

set.union: output union of given sets

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3