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Category: base

ceammc.search: ceammc library search object

chrono.datetime: output current date and time info
aliases: [ceammc/datetime], [datetime]

convolve~: realtime FFT convolution
aliases: [ceammc/convolve~]

function: named function
aliases: [func], [ceammc/func], [ceammc/function]

function.call: call named function
aliases: [func.call]

gain~: multislot signal gain
aliases: [ceammc/gain~]

gate~: multislot signal gate
aliases: [ceammc/gate~]

logger: advanced data logger
aliases: [ceammc/logger], [log.error], [log.post], [log.debug], [log.verbose], [log.stdout], [log.stderr]

matrix~: signal routing matrix
aliases: [ceammc/matrix~]

merge~: parametrized signal merge
aliases: [ceammc/merge~]

metro.choice: metro with random choice from timeset

metro.pattern: metro with rhythmic patterns

metro.random: metro random bang with specified range

metro.seq: metro sequencer

metro.wchoice: metro with weighted random choice from timeset

mix~: multislot signal mixer
aliases: [ceammc/mix~]

nsig~: Mulitchannel converter from control to audio rate
aliases: [ceammc/nsig~]

obj.props: property extractor

radio: float index to outlet values as radio switch
aliases: [ceammc/radio]

split~: parametrized signal splitter
aliases: [ceammc/split~]

spring: float value "spring"
aliases: [ceammc/spring]

sync: value synchronization
aliases: [ceammc/sync]

window: returns window value by given window position
aliases: [ceammc/window], [ceammc/win], [win]

xdac~: dac~ with channel ranges
aliases: [ceammc/xdac~]

xfade2~: multi stereo-signal crossfade
aliases: [ceammc/xfade2~]

xfade~: multi signal crossfade
aliases: [ceammc/xfade~]

z~: sample delay
aliases: [ceammc/z~]

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3