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Category: array

array.bpm: BPM calculator

array.circular: array read/write as circular buffer

array.circular~: circular buffer for arrays

array.convolve: array FFT convolution

array.copy: copy samples from one array to another

array.do: iterate and modify array content via side-chain

array.each: process each array elements via side-chain

array.fill: fill array with single value, pattern or function

array.grainer~: array granulator

array.hist: calculates array histogram

array.ltcplay~: array player controlled by LTC

array.mean: calculates array arithmetic mean value

array.minmax: find array min and max element value

array.play~: array player with variable speed and amplitude
aliases: [array.p~]

array.plot: array data plotter

array.plot~: plot signal on specified array

array.readwrite~: array reader/writer
aliases: [array.rw~]

array.resample: array resampler
aliases: [array.r]

array.rms: calculates root mean square value for array

array.set: set array content from list
aliases: [ceammc/list->array], [list->array]

array.stddev: calculates standard deviation for array values

array.stretch: array time-stretch, pitch-shift or rate-change

array.sum: calculates sum of array elements

array.sum2: calculates sum of squares of array elements

array.tramp~: triggered ramp generator for array

array.variance: calculates variance of array values

array.vplay: simple array player for using with vline~

array.window: fill array with window

plot.geomspace~: outputs numbers spaced evenly on a log scale (a geometric progression)

plot.hist~: calculate and output signal histogram
aliases: [ceammc/hist~], [hist~]

plot.linspace~: outputs numbers spaced evenly spaced over a specified interval

plot.logspace~: outputs numbers spaced evenly on a log scale

plot.response~: output amp/phase freq response to impulse

Version: 0.9.7

License: GPL3